The WWSC works with partner organizations with years of trusted experience on Nova Scotia woodlots to bring services to our members across the seven western Counties.

Our Organization

Everyday operations of the WWSC are taken care of by our General Manager, Patricia Amero, RPF, under the guidance of our interim Board of Directors, comprised of representatives from our partner organizations. A 9 member Board of Directors will be elected by members at our Annual General Meeting planned for late spring 2018.

We are currently seeking new members to stand on the WWSC Board of Directors.


Other Partners Include:

  • La Foret Acadienne Ltd.
  • North Range Forest Products
  • Selby Testing and Engineering Ltd.
  • Picea Forestry Consulting
  • Clare Woodlot Owners 

Working with partner organizations is an essential component of the way the WWSC does business. 

With their help, we're able to provide more services to woodlot owners in remote areas, and build on the knowledge that is already present within WWSC staff. We are always seeking new, trustworthy partners to work with - either contractors, consultants, technicians or professionals - to build our vision for effective and sustainable management of our clients' woodlots. 

If you're interested in becoming a service provider for WWSC contact us today.

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The WWSC would not be possible without the generous support of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.