No matter the size of your woodlot, we have a management plan to suit your needs.


Rapid Plan

All new members receive a rapid plan from WWSC at no cost - no matter what the size of your woodlot. The rapid plan serves to identify the composition of the woodlot through mapping, including stand and species types, priorities for silviculture and harvest treatments, and identify any key sites that hold extra value for you as the woodlot owner. 

Full Management Plan

Full management plans will be completed using up-to-date inventory and field collected data, and will include a schedule of recommended management activities. Our members pay only 25% of the full cost of plan production.  This means for an average-sized woodlot ranging from 100-200 acres, the woodlot owner will pay approximately $350-$600, depending on the size and other factors particular to your woodlot.  

In our full management plans, WWSC will provide everything in our rapid plan as well as; silviculture and harvest prescription recommendations, priorities, road planning, and the identification of any special or sensitive features.

Forest Stewardship Council Certified Plan

Forest certification provides members with a third-party verification on management plans and an assurance that the recommended activities are promote long-term stewardship of their forest. Certification is also beneficial tool that allows wood buyers to have a choice in purchasing wood from sustainably managed woodlots. Certification through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an option for all WWSC members with a full management plan.

There is no extra charge for an FSC certified plan in comparison to our regular management plan, however there is a small audit fee on an annual basis.